Ethaia was born in the middle of a restless night. It started off as a silly saying, “Horses like bread.” Which makes absolutely no sense. Of course horses like bread. After I was wakened bythat revelation the words just flew into my mind. I sat and typed non-stop all the way to where Aleyne finds Raul. Of course they didn’t know they were Aleyne and Raulin at the time, but they didn’t mind.

After that, to use an over-quoted cliché, the rest was history. Days of hard work and nights of dreams as my characters and their world grew – and continue to grow. My life hasn’t been the same since. Let me know if Aleyne, Breeze, and their companions have opened a new world for you.

The adventures…

Aleyne – Published 4 February 2011

Aleyne Agrurova lost her parents when she was barely a toddler. Her care fell to her aunt and uncle. Her uncle Raul Agrurova is a well-known scout who spends much time away from their cabin high in the wilderness of Utonica. Aleyne learned how to hunt, trap, and survive on her own, andwhen she was old enough she learned to become a scout of the caliber only her uncle could teach her. Such are the adventures of a girl growing up in the wilderness where there are beasts and orcs and sometimes the only thing between you and life is a sharp sword.

What does it take to get a headstrong girl to survive growing up on the frontier? A sharp sword, a good horse, and a uncle who loves her enough to let her soar. This prequel to Ethaia tells the story of this remarkable young lady’s life prior to walking into a fight that changes her world.


Ethaia – Published February 2012

One doesn’t know what will happen when a teenage girl leaves for a ride with her horse on a sunny afternoon. She might find a lost uncle, she might fight a battle, she might lead a kingdom. She might even find she had grown up and she didn’t realize.

Aleyne’s adventure continues as she steps further into her frontier life. What more natural is it to chase the orcs back from her homeland to their mountains far away? As before, she, along with the other scouts, would help the soldiers from the fort do just that. Only this time there are more orcs than ever before, and this time the orcs have the strong stones of castle Ethaia to call their base. Whatever the orcs are up to, their small force is not enough. It is now the young lady discovers a past that has been hidden from her. It is now that she discovers who she is to become – and who she will lead.


Athandraul – 2014

A kingdom is not run by rules nor confined by borders. A kingdom is found in the hearts of those who serve it and dream for all who call it home. The castle of Athandraul is more than just the home of the King of Utonica, it is the heartbeat of the kingdom. Join Aleyne and her companions as their world expands and Aleyne discovers who she is and makes some tough choices along the way. It wouldn’t be life if there wasn’t. Aleyne’s life is dramatically changed as she goes from wild teenager to someone who is suddenly thrust into a timeless dance of power and position. Aleyne has had a chance to see who the world expects her to be, and she now has a plan to do things her own way. This book picks up where Ethaia leaves off.

Aerandora – 2015

What holds a people together is not their home, but their hearts. The world is more than where you walk and live for an elf, it is also your people and your homeland and every thing in the natural world. Thus Aerandora is not the homeland of the elves, it is everyone who was born or touched by the beautiful kingdom above the icy water.

Libinthaea – 2015

Driven by forces not her own, Aleyne follows the path left by Ethaia hundreds of years before her birth. She learns that the world still needs a hero and that Bladesinger is more than just a name she earned from the orcs.

Book Notes

The book notes on this site are nearly like a blog. Here I have cut and paste my notes from the back of the books, plus some I didn’t put there but thought you might find interesting.

Glossary of Terms

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