I’ve been promising for almost a year, and I almost have “Ethaia” ready. After three months of proof reading, today I started entering the corrected text into the document. I’m on page 65 of 250 pages.It will be submitted and then I’ll order another proof copy and read it again, hopefully not finding any glaring changes.

When I finalize “Ethaia” I will go back to “Aleyne” and make the book size a bit larger so that the two volumes will be the same size (6″ x 9″) I found some text in Aleyne that I want to change, but nothing that changes the story. Just grammar and formatting changes.

Do you like the new web site design? It is based on the cover design for “Ethaia”. I’m looking forward to finishing it. I want to say it will be ready for Christmas… Maybe I’ll say it anyway and hope I’m right. We are coming up on a full year since “Aleyne” was released. I guess I should figure a full year more for the half-finished “Athandrual.” After that will be either “Bladesinger” or “Aerandora”. “Bladesinger” is Aleyne’s journey to the south of Libinthaea. “Aerandora” will be the story of the principle elven characters and the events leading up to them coming to Ethaia to protect, and then become friends, with a girl named Aleyne.

For those who haven’t read “Aleyne”, I’ll drop an excerpt of “Athadrual” in a post.


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