Ethaia, 13 January 2012


Finally, Ethaia has been submitted and should be showing up in Amazon in a few days. Already you can find the Kindle file there. Ethaia can be purchased through CreateSpace already. The price is the same only I get more royalty.

Expect Athandraul to be finished more quickly than Ethaia and Aleyne. When I opened up the file I discovered that it is already complete sans the last two chapters. Of which I have one half done. The cover is done as well. I hope you like Aleyne and Ethaia, and I hope you will look forward to Athandraul.



They were gathered along the edge of the high mountain meadow. It was the first time for many to see the cabin where Aleyne had lived most of her life. The meadow overlooked the distant mountains to the west, the same mountains that watched over the kingdom of Aerandora. It was one reason that Eiroa and Aettan had chosen this same place for their ceremony over twenty years before.

Legend was that on the days the wind came from the west, Aerandora was breathing her blessings upon any who wished them. Aerandora’s blessing on the wind was fitting this day as Kaecon repeated the words given many times over to announce to all present that two were now stronger because of the life bond that only love could bring.

“Inthe ages of the dawn, the earth birthed the new land forcing up the mountains and smoothing the valleys to make them productive. Corellon selected the land that was formed in the caldera of a mighty mountain at the top of the continent of Libinthaea, to be the home of his children. Encircled by great mountains and surrounded by an icy sea, he called her Aerandora. He did not give the meaning of the name, but all elves know it in their hearts. From this secluded valley they could stay and live without notice of others, or venture forth as they wished.”

“To the elves themselves he gave a bond. Each knew the nature of the other, and each could sense the life dwelling power within all. No elf would ever truly be alone. Such was Corellon’s blessing to his children, that of unbreakable fellowship with each other. To those who chose to join as man and woman he gave a special bond, one shared by no other. One that, once given, will last forever.”

Kaecon looked from Aleyne to Iacaus and back again.

“You will be a mirror to the other, one the right, the other left. You will find the touch of your skin and warmth of your breath the reminder each day that you are each the partof the other. New beauty will you see through each other’s eyes, and each day together will be the perfect completion of the previous. Your pledge now before the seasons, the winds, the elements, and the hearts of your friends and families will forever bind each of you in this life and then to the next. Forever may it be known that Aleyne and Iacaus have chosen this day to proclaim that from now on until the end of time they will remain as one.”

Iacaus offered Aleyne an elven made ring to remind her of his never-ending strength and love. She cried as he slipped it on her finger. Kaecon smiled and pronounced the ceremony complete. As sun dipped below the high mountain, it bathed the couple and their guests with a warm, fiery glow. It was if the red fire of sunset was forging the small group together to be part of a grander scheme that would come.


More to come

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