(( This story was written while I participated in a MMORPG game. I’ve got several about the characters I’ve played, although the names of some have been changed. Perhaps I will someday place them in a compilation, or even develop them into a story that will fill a book. Enjoy them for now. ))

Arihelnes crouched motionless on the rise above Lothen. The city once was occupied by her ancestors, but now stood abandoned. She had an arrow twirling between her fingers, her bow was un-slung from her back. Brows furrowed and eyes full of sadness, she said to her companion, “it is so beautiful, how wonderful it must have been to live there.” Without another word she rose and melted into the brush as she followed the trail back towards her home, Cael following behind. The long strides characteristic of elves carrying them quickly along the path.

Ari (as she was known to the few family and friends she had) was unlike her high-elf kinsmen. She dressed in the simple clothes of a woodsman – a ranger – and kept mostly to herself. Anyone she met – elf, man, or otherwise – she treated with polite indifference and not the arrogances associated with her race. She was hard to befriend, but loyal even unto death with those who she trusted among her fellows. Such strength of loyalty was uncommon even within the elves.

Her companion, Caellian, was a handsome wood elf with sturdy features. He was taller than Ari and perhaps a little older – although they were both approaching 50 years (teenagers in elven standards) They had been friends all of their young lives. He was the anchor to her sail, the thinker of the group and the one not likely to follow a whim.

Later as the sunset bathed their home in hues of orange, reds, ambers, and shadow, Ari and Cael watched the night come from the highest reaches of the city. They had journeyed the limited lands of the Fae and honed their skills, traveling often to gaze upon Lothen, and now it was time for their world to expand. Ari knew not where their journey would lead, or who else would follow along the same path, but she knew she wouldn’t be traveling it alone.

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