Lone Wolf

The Wolf Mates For Life

She crested the hill and glanced across the plains, then turned to acknowledge her mate as he joined her. Together they surveyed the wind, looking upwind to judge the scents they were sorting. Satisfied that there was nothing of interest, they traveled on their journey.  They shared equally the lead, he would crest a hill before her, and the next hill she was seen atop it first. They traveled as if the world revolved around them, which, from their understanding of the world, it did.

His coat was brownish to her darker gray.  If you looked closely, you could see her muzzle was grayer. Why she had not mated as a young wolf but instead ran alone as an adult was never known, all that was certain was that she had a mate now and in the way of the wolf was not likely to leave him.  His origins were unknown. Had he ran alone or in a pack? Had he once been the mate of another? Whichever the case, they seemed to be bond now and worked seamlessly as a team. What one noticed, the other did a split second later.  If she decided to change their track, they moved as one wolf.  If he slowed to study something, she was his shadow. To watch them you would think that they had been together their entire lives.

When the prey was spotted, they moved without thought.  He went for the drive and she for the intercept.  He was the power of the pair, and her lighter build gave her speed. Her trick was to trap or turn the prey, his was the stun and the blow. One could see that the team was perfectly balanced. This didn’t mean that they killed every time … but it did mean that when they did death was swift.

After the hunt they turned again as one, this time she lead the distance to their den, and he followed while keeping a watch for any foe. They stopped along a stream and drank their fill, and then again to play in the moonlight.  Satisfied that all was well in their world, they curled up on a rock near their den and slept. Her nose covered by her tail, his head resting on her flank. She would stay with him as long as he would stay with her, a wolf mates for life.

The death of a dark wolf

Two hunters stood on a hill and watched the lone wolf in the distance.

“Are you sure it has to be done?” the younger one asked his elder, “She has to be one of the most beautiful wolves I have seen in a long while.”

“Yes,”the elder responded, “She totally savaged her mate. He tried to hunt with her for many days, but her snapping and savage attacks drove him away.”  He continued, “She has some type of disorder in her mind, and she will not get better. We can’t have her savaging any others, what if next time it is a human, not a wolf?”

“Well I suppose,” said the younger, readying his bow, “It’s better not to put it off any longer. She’ll be going to a far better place where her illness will not continue and she won’t be in pain any longer.”

The two hunters were seen slowly creeping in the snow towards the hill where the wolf had her den.  They used the shadows to hide their movements until they were within range. The sound of a bowstring releasing broke the cold silence, and the dark wolf was still, the slight silver of a long ago scar showing by her ear in the moonlight, her dark coat sleek. She would not hurt those she loved any more.

((bipolarmania is a horrible illness, it takes a lot out of not only the affected, but everyone around them who try to help them.  the damage done to relationships before it is diagnosed can be the most devastating. one moment the person is loving and fun, the next moment there is nothing in the world those around can do right and the wounds given will not heal. The only solution sometimes is to distance from the bipolar person, before the pain is so deep that it spreads.  I’m so very sorry that I’ve hurt those around me, and it will take a long while for me to learn how not to behave this way. I’ll not hold it against those who avoid me, but I will cry for those that I have loved and lost.))


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