Early Beginning

Prior to Aleyne’s lifetime there was an elven society that co-existed with its human neighbors for probably thousands of years.  Years before Aleyne’s mother Eiroa was born there was a great drought that caused a famine over two-thirds of the continent of Libinthaea. The elven kingdom of Aerandora was unaware of the problems in the rest of the world, and perhaps they decided it really did not concern them. Their kingdom had rich soil, a constant water supply stored up in the glaciers above and even filtered from the sea water by the volcanic soil itself. There was as much bounty as there always had been. When the people from the neighboring kingdom of what became known as Utonica came to ask for help, their request was misunderstood by the always suspicious elves and they were denied and sent away. This angered their neighbors who were desperate to simply survive. What started as raids to steal food and other essentials soon became outright conflict as the elves discovered the trespasses and then went to more and more lengths to block all access to their lands. Eventually the humans intruded into the kingdom of Aerandora with only one thing in mind, to totally eliminate all of the elves and their culture. This conflict was called the 200 year war. Then suddenly the fighting stopped. When the elves ventured outside of their borders to investigate they found there were no men, few to no domestic animals, and everything was packed up and gone. Just the buildings themselves remained. It was then also that they discovered the degree that their neighbors had been suffering and they vowed that they would never turn their backs on any people who asked for help again.

The elven monks documented well the time leading up to the conflict, the conflict itself, the disappearance of their neighbors and their return. Also during this time an old story continued again. A legend based on the notion that the elves and men would not only work together but serve as an example to other nations and perhaps lead the world in peace. Perhaps there was only one who wrote, or perhaps the predictions were made by many as hinted by the multiple hands spent recording the lop-sided poem on the alabaster walls of the cavern near where the monastery was found. A place of honor given to the most important of works.  The unknown author was simply called Ethaia for the character in the ballad. The ballad written to prophesize about the work of Ethaia, who fostered the heroine Megilindir. The legend of the  “Bladesinger” who all nations would welcome.

When the men came trickling back to their lands they met the elves with distrust, soon the elves simply avoided  them and went about their lives as isolated as before. Some believed, perhaps based on Ethaia’s Ballad, that there would be a time that men and elves would join together. It was during this time that castle named Ethaia was built by unknown craftsmen, to remind both elves and men to trust each other and join together to live in their world. Other than that nothing else is know of the beautiful castle in its isolated valley half way between the kingdoms of Aerandora and Utonica. For some reason the monks did not mention it in their records, nor did the humans as it was built somewhere the only the woodsmen traveled.


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