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Posted August 1, 2014 By L.A. Marr

Finally, after the slowest of may years, it is finished. It joins its sisters in regular and large print versions, still published on Create Space and listed on Amazon. Oh yes, and a kindle version. Just simple, someday I will learn how to make a fancier one. I need to mention the photos used in […]


Posted June 30, 2014 By L.A. Marr

The books Aleyne and Ethaia have been proofed and edited as needed. Aleyne is re-released and Ethaia will be as soon as I get the actual copy and look through it. Hopefully the strange wanderings and missing words of a bipolar mind have all been found and corrected. This is where a proof reader other […]

Athandraul – Next in the Ethaia series

Posted January 25, 2012 By L.A. Marr

Prologue Aleyne was heading to the dining hall with Iacaus to see if any food was left. Kaecon called out to her. “What can I help you with?” she asked. “How soon could you be ready to leave on a project?” he asked, just as Aleyne and Iacaus came into the small room that Kaecon […]

Ethaia, 13 January 2012

Posted January 13, 2012 By L.A. Marr

IT’S DONE!!!! Finally, Ethaia has been submitted and should be showing up in Amazon in a few days. Already you can find the Kindle file there. Ethaia can be purchased through CreateSpace already. The price is the same only I get more royalty. Expect Athandraul to be finished more quickly than Ethaia and Aleyne. When […]


Posted December 14, 2011 By L.A. Marr

Today I turned in what should be the last rewrite of “Ethaia”. Although while creating the Kindle file I found a missing apostrophe and a “y”. If that is all that I can find that is missing (emphasize the words “can find”) I debate within myself if I should release it with the errors or […]


Posted November 20, 2011 By L.A. Marr

I’ve been promising for almost a year, and I almost have “Ethaia” ready. After three months of proof reading, today I started entering the corrected text into the document. I’m on page 65 of 250 pages.It will be submitted and then I’ll order another proof copy and read it again, hopefully not finding any glaring […]


Posted September 4, 2011 By L.A. Marr

Foreword Ethaia was born in the middle of a restless night. It started off as a silly saying, “Horses like bread.” Which makes absolutely no sense. Of course horses like bread. After I was wakened bythat revelation the words just flew into my mind. I sat and typed non-stop all the way to where Aleyne […]