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Castle Ethaia (Eth eye uh) – Place of joining. The joining of elves and men in friendship.

Interwoven Lives

The more I write and imagine life with Aleyne in Ethaia, the more interesting and complex those I create become. It’s almost like they are real and grow life of their own.


  • Aleyne (Al-e-yne) Agrurova Esternaea – she was given the name Bladesinger by the orcs because of her ferocity, fearlessness, and skill when fighting. She is the daughter of Eiroa and Aettan.
  • Breeze – Bree, a black warhorse. Bree was given to Aleyne by Raul when she was 12, she was the closest Aleyne had to a sister and a best friend.
  • Raul (Ra ul) – Raulin Agrurova, Aleyne’s Uncle – He was made Aleyne’s sole guardian after the deaths of her parents.
  • Eiroa (Air o a) Airissan Esternaea – Aleyne’s mother
  • Aettan (Ay taan) Dianarran Agrurova – Aleyne’s father
  • Dianarran (Din ar ran) Ansaldra Agrurova – Aleyne’s grandfather, King of Utonica
  • Commander Ameras Trodara (Tro dar a) – Commander of the western fort
  • Field Commander Bereis Avandora (Av an dor a) – commander of the kings mobile troops
  • Uliana (U li ana) Avandora – wife of commander Avandora
  • Alattas (Al at tas) Cenannis Esternaea – Aleyne’s uncle, her grandmother’s brother
  • Kaecon (Kay con) Vaelos Leindira –commander of Ethaia’s troups and the castellan of Ethaia.
  • Aesil (Ay sil) Aetandira Yaredra “ma” – Kaecon’s wife – She is head of the household at Ethaia. Aesil’s wisdom equals that of her husband, they have both lived long and experienced much.
  • Janeyl (Jane ee el) Leindira Yaredra – daughter of Kaecon and Aesil, Aleyne’s first bodyguard and best friend. She is one of few who could nearly best Aleyne in sword and bow.
  • Ayondri (Ay on dree) Ianondir Edorielle – Janeyl’s life mate.
  • Eleyna (El ay na) Edorielle Yaredra – Janeyl’s daughter. Aleyne’s namesake and godchild.
  • Iacaus (Ee ah kay us) Theninanu Arvellon – Aleyne’s bodyguard and life mate. Aleyne considers him her anchor, advisor, and best friend. A bit about Iacaus
  • Ibella (I bel la) Aerindara Esternaea- Queen of Aerandora, Aleyne’s grandmother.
  • Alirran (Al ir ran) Crialdra Airissan – Consort to Queen Ibella, Aleyne’s grandfather
  • Utiatias (You tee a tee ahs) Ornmeleg Armaethor “Utias” – Guard captain and primary arms instructor at Ethaia.
  • Gwyneal (Gwin ay ul) Neloth Faelist “Gwyn” – She was a brigade physician prior to joining Aleyne’s staff at Ethaia. Life partner to Utiatias
  • Myrran (My rran) Leowyn Issewenna – dark elf runaway slave.
  • Kairnon (Kar non) Asorcius Stanaedra – Crown Prince/Heir apparent of Euphica
  • Ittarni (It tar ni) Galamell Stanaedra – his brother
  • Rhedyn (RHE din) Enacella Stanaedra – wife of Ittarni
  • Gwynonwen (gwen ON wen) – their daughter
  • Aethelstan (ath-elst-an) – their son


  • Corellon – a deity borrowed from D&D Greyhawk: Corellon Larethian, god of Elves, Magic, Music, Arts, Crafts, Poetry, and Warfare.


  • Onyx – black male – Aleyne name-bound
  • Elias – bronze male – Iacaus name-bound, name-bound of Aettan before his death
  • Torry – turquoise female – Ulian’s escort
  • Sunny – golden female – Raul name-bound
  • Sage – green male – oath sworn of the crafters.
  • Smudge – red-black female – Myrran’s sworn, Onyx daughter
  • Storm – blue male
  • Mickey – brown male
  • Honey – cream-gold female, sworn of Eleyna
  • Cinnamon – red-orange female, mate to Onyx


  • Breeze (Bree) Aleyne’s charger
  • Oialev – “forever”, Bree’s filly, sired by Lome
  • Entare – “tomorrow”, the mare from the troops at the fort
  • Lome – “night”, the stallion given to Aleyne at Escavana
  • Eshe – “friend”, the elven-bred filly given to her for her birthday by the troops
  • Jester – Bree’s nephew. Myrran’s mount


  • Castle Ethaia (Eth eye uh) – Place of joining. The joining of elves and men in friendship.
  • Utonica (U tawn i ca) – the kingdom of Aleyne’s father
  • Athandraul (A than dra ul) – the palace at the capital city of Utonica. Home of King Dinarran
  • Euphica (Ewe phi ca) – the kingdom next door
  • Aerandora (Aye ran dor a) – the Elvin kingdom
  • Escavana (Es ca van uh) – the capitol of Aerandora
  • Ibanthene (I ban theen) – known as the “high city” or “holy city” of Aerandora. The city where all high arts and skills are taught
  • Alorana (A lor ah na) – name of the world that the story is told.